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The Cowsills

Back in the 1960’s four brothers who wanted to be The Beatles formed a band called The Cowsills.  Early gigs were at school dances and churches around their home in Newport, RI.  Eventually as their harmonic sound was perfected, they expanded their offerings and played together in many locales. Early recordings were released on Mercury records and soon the rest of the family joined the band, Mom, Barbara and younger siblings Susan and Paul.  They were then signed to MGM records where they began their climb to the top.

The Cowsills enjoyed great success during the late 60’s and into the early 70’s with their music and appearing as guests on many television shows and even hosting their own TV special.  The original Cowsills disbanded in the early 70’s but most of them have never left the music industry and various members have regrouped throughout the years.

Today the surviving Cowsills continue to make musc-sometimes individually and sometimes together- and their harmonies are still as infectious and bright as ever.  They released a new album called “Rhythm of the World,” released in September, 2022.  Audiences will be pleased to hear their old hits including “The Rain The Park and Other Things,” “ Pennies,” “La Rue Du Soleil,” “Thinkin’ About The Other Side,” “Dreams of Linda,” “River Blue,” and “Getting Into That Sunny, Sunny, Feelin’ Again,” among many others.


The Cowsills

February 8, 2024 Time: 7:00 pm

The Emerson Center

Vero Beach, FL

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