Space Oddity: The Music Experience of David Bowie

Space Oddity: The Ultimate David Bowie Experience is a live, multi-media spectacle that takes you on a musical journey through the constantly metamorphosing career of Rock and Roll’s most celebrated innovator. David Brighton and his amazing band deliver a stunning note-for note theatrical concert event …transporting today’s audiences back in time through some of the most exciting moments in the history of Rock music. Space Oddity makes for a truly remarkable event…the closest one to come to experiencing a David Bowie show…a highly entertaining opportunity to take in the music and aura of Bowie.


Apr 14, 2021

Wednesday, 8:00pm

Space Oddity: The David Bowie Music Experience

Crest Theatre, Delray

Apr 15, 2021

Thursday, 7:00pm

Space Oddity: The David Bowie Music Experience

Emerson Center, Vero Beach

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