Classic Albums Live Performs The Music Of Woodstock

The after-effects of this famous music festival are still reverberating today, over 50 years later.  The albums that were created from the various artists playing during that weekend long party demonstrate the emergence of a new feeling of liberation, freedom and a major cultural shift.  Goldmine Magazine refers to the Music of Woodstock album as “reclaiming a magical moment in time. It effectively illuminated one of the great phenomenons of the ’60s, a historic event of unparalleled proportions that gathered the tribes and gave voice to half a million young people who proclaimed not only their independence, but their cultural credence as well. Thus, the Woodstock generation was born.”  Some of the classic songs featured on the album include Jefferson Airplane’s “Volunteers,” The Who’s “We’re Not Going To Take It,” Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help From My Friends,” Ten Years After’s “I’m Going Home,” and a medley by Sly and the Family Stone.  Classic Albums Live recreates that seminal music festival note-for-note and cut-for-cut on a journey back to the garden.


Classic Albums Live Performs The Eagles' Greatest Hits

Saturday, 7:00pm

The Emerson Center, Vero Beach

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