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Howard Jones

Howard Jones has always been about the big picture. The singer, songwriter and keyboardist’s songs explore universal themes including enlightenment, transcendence, and seeing past one’s struggles in order to embrace the wider horizon beyond it. 


He’s sold millions of albums and had 15 top-40 global singles. And while his music often overflows with addictive pop hooks, soaring vocals and creative arrangements, when you dig deeper, you’ll find those

larger perspectives embedded within.

Jones remains a household name for anyone who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Hear him perform his global hits

including Things Can Only Get Better,  What is Love?, New Song and the iconic No One is to Blame.

Joining Howard Jones is Special Guest Singer Songwriter Rachael Sage


Mar 27, 2020

Friday, 8PM

Howard Jones

Studio Theatre, Melbourne, FL

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